Welcome back, Sugar Land Academy!                                                                                                                 


As Principal of Sugar Land Academy, it is my pleasure to welcome you back to an amazing 2019-2020 academic year.  We are excited to have you back in our classrooms and have our hallways roar with your high spirits. 


I, Afreen Merchant have been with Harmony Public Schools for twelve years; served as an ELA teacher, coordinator, dean of academics, dean of students and principal. I have been the Principal at HSA-SL for the past four years and look forward to many more successful years here with you.


This letter is special for it is drafted for you ~ Our Students!

I am delighted that you are part of our outstanding learning community.

Students, keep dreaming, keep exploring, keep asking how and why! Believe in your imagination, in your ideas, your hard work and above all  in yourselves. You can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it. Hard work and determination are key ingredients of success. Having said that, I am asking that you give your very best this academic year. 


Our accolades as a learning community are a result of your hard work and desire to excel. I am excited to share that “Harmony Science Academy Sugar Land” is ranked by Niche.com as the #1 Public Charter Elementary School for 2018-2019 academic year, in all of Houston. This ranking is a huge accomplishment and would not be possible without your hard work and determination to be the very best you can be. Your commitment, that of your teachers and your parents have allowed us to gloat over this success and shine a spotlight on you – Thank you for doing your very best! 🙂


Starting tomorrow, as we dive into the new academic year please know that we are here for you and we will do everything we possibly can to help you be successful and achieve your goals. Your teachers, deans, coordinators and myself have pledged to make Sugar Land Academy  a safe, caring, welcoming and exciting school. Keeping you happy, loved, focused and motivated is my goal and I need your help in fulfilling my goal. As you and I embark on this journey for the next 10 months we will experience a wide variety of emotions including but not limited to fun, excitement, joy, stress, anxiety, nervousness, laughter, pride, satisfaction and much more. In the midst of experiencing it all, please know you have teachers, coordinators, administrators and a principal on this campus who truly loves and cares for you and will always be there to support you – do reach out to us!!


I hope you have enjoyed your summer break and are excited to be back. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow and hear about your summer adventures! Boys and girls, as we begin our new academic year tomorrow I want you to know that I am grateful and feel blessed for having you and your family be a part of Harmony Science Academy Sugar Land. I am honored to lead such amazing young boys and girls  who will one day become well rounded citizens of our society and make us proud. Sugar Land Academy would not be the same without you. I am also looking forward to seeing my new friends on campus tomorrow. Thank you for being a part of our Harmony family!


Note to Parents:


Morning Drop off: Drop off begins at 7:00 am. Please refer to the Morning drop off plan shared via school reach.


Dismissal: Dismissal pick-up begins at 3:05 pm and closes at 3:20 pm. Please make arrangements to pick up your child(ren) during this time window. The front office will be closed every day from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Please refer to the dismissal plan sent via school reach.


Kindergarten Families Only: All Kindergarten parents will be allowed to park and bring your child to the cafeteria and escort them to the classroom (tomorrow only. This is to minimize anxiety in our Kinder babies. 


Warmest Regards, 


Afreen Merchant 


Harmony Science Academy Sugar Land