Dear HSA-SL Parents,

We are very excited to start taking our students on Field Trips again!

All students attending the field trip MUST ride the school bus.  No Exceptions!

If you are interested in being a chaperone for the field trip, you will need to complete the background check (instructions are below). This needs to be done once every academic year.

Chaperone requirements:

  • Parents without a completed background check will not be able to attend field trips.

  • All parent chaperones must arrive on campus before departure (7:45 am) and follow school protocols and policies. No exceptions.

  • Chaperones will not be allowed to ride the bus if they plan on bringing siblings. They may arrive on campus, check in chaperone protocols and then drive to the field trip.

  • Students will not be allowed to leave early on field trip days and chaperones will NOT be allowed early sign out.

  • All chaperones will be required to follow drop-off and dismissal procedures.

Background check completion instructions :

  • Go to the website at

  • Hover over the Parents tab

  • Click on “Be a Volunteer”

  • Follow the instructions where it says click HERE