Dear Math Enthusiasts,

As Harmony Science Academy – Sugar Land campus, this is our 6th year becoming an official center and competing for XXIII Math Kangaroo Competition for grade levels 1st through 5th.

Math Kangaroo Competition is an international, once-a-year event, always on the third Thursday in March. This year’s competition date is March 16th, 2023. Last year 31,004 participants registered from 50 different countries. Our intention to become a center in this competition is not only to facilitate a productive academic extracurricular event for students but also to provide students skill-building opportunities in Math and other areas such as time management and most importantly to encourage an interest in Mathematics in every age group.


* Registration deadline December 15th, 2022. (Limited amount of seats/First come, first serve)

* Non-refundable registration fee $21 plus $1 processing fee (until December 15th, 2022)

* Late enrollment dates December 16th- December 31st with late registration fee of $35

* Please keep in mind that this is an extracurricular activity and classroom teachers will not be able to dedicate time and/or provide educational support towards this competition.


PLEASE NOTE THAT March 16th, 2023 falls in during the SPRING BREAK. Please plan accordingly before registering your student(s).


This year, we will only accept the in-person competition option at our campus. Since we can only track in-person applications, the free math kangaroo club will be offered to those who are registered for in person at our center.


Register your student by looking up Harmony Science Academy Sugar Land center for in-the-classroom competition (same way as last 20+ years). SINCE OUR CAMPUS IS A PRIVATE CENTER, IN ORDER TO REGISTER YOUR STUDENT, PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO MR. BOSTANI VIA IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE INVITATION CODE.

The competition questions are appropriate for the student’s age and are interesting and challenging. In May, students who earned top scores at each level of participation are awarded accordingly.


For questions, please contact

More information can be found at

Registration link, Parents Portal: (Before registration, you will need to contact Mr. Bostani as you will need an invitation code first)