Dear Fourth & Fifth Grade Parents,
You are cordially invited to “Muffins with Mrs. Merchant” Wednesday, August 25th at 8:00am. This meeting will be an informative session that will allow you insight on HSA-SL’s learning programs, safety protocols, extra curricular activities, technology, school events, home visits, PTO, parent involvement opportunities and more.
Note: Your student must be dropped off in the car rider line at drop off and you are welcome to park at 7:55 am ONLY after you drop off your student in the car rider line and come to the front lobby. Your student will be brought to you from class to join you for breakfast from 8:00am to 8:15 am ONLY. (Late comers may not be able to join for breakfast, therefore please arrive on time) Thereafter, all students will be REQUIRED to go back to class at 8:15am. We have a lot to cover and will then begin our presentation at 8:25am, right after breakfast.
I look forward to my morning coffee with you!
Always for the Children! 🙂
Principal Merchant